Purchase your tickets online or in person. Cash and all major credit cards are accepted.  Checks are not accepted.

When you arrive with your ticket, it will be exchange for an armband, then you will sign and turn in your liability form.  You can also download it ahead of time and bring it with you to save on time.           

Once you have your armband, head to the attraction entrance.  Just wait for your turn to go and enjoy the scare!


The haunted house/trail is only partly covered, the remaining part is outdoor and open to the elements.  We do operated rain or shine so please note, if it is raining you will get rained on!

The trait is not recommended for children under 12 or for people with heart problems, pregnant women, and people prone to seizures or any other affliction made worse by fear, anxiety, or flashing lights.

We send groups of 6 people or less through at a time.

There are emergency exits if you get to scared and want to leave.

We reserve the right to eject or refuse admission to any person whose conduct is objectionable.  
2018 is our first year in operation for the public to enjoy.  It has been a tradition to explore new haunted attractions each year which started the crave to create our own, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

We would love to hear your feedback so dont hesitate to send us an email with your likes/dislikes in order to help us make better improvements for next year!



T-shirts                                          20.00
Bug spray                                       7.00
Poncho                                           3.00
Bug repellant bracelet                 2.00
Gatorade                                        2.00
Water                                              1.00
Can of soda / pop                         1.00
Bag of chips                                   1.00
Candy                                              3.00 
Candy                                              2.00 
Candy                                              1.00 
Our staff is here to make sure everyone has an safe but enjoyable time.  The actors do not touch you to scare you, please do not touch them either.


We are open 7:00 - 11:00 Friday and Saturday nights and on Halloween, starting September 21, 2018 through October 31, 2018.